tops viewership during election results coverage

In my earlier post I had mentioned the TV rating wars would start soon. How true. According to CNN-IBN [also see their mailer]

News channels take elections very seriously. Election coverage is to general news channels what budget coverage is to business channels—the definitive event that establishes the street-cred of a channel. The ratings on that day also determines the bragging rights to being the channel that is ‘most trusted’ when it matters the most.

On Monday we reported, citing data from aMap, that NDTV24x7 was the most watched english news channel on election day. Now the data from TAM is out—and the verdict is that CNN IBN was the channel of choice for Indians on counting day.

According to NDTV,

With an aim to understand the viewership pattern better and gauge the channel’s performance during the coverage of  the Lok Sabha elections, NDTV asked GfK-Mode to conduct a survey of the top 13 cities across the country.

The viewership figures that emerged from a large sample size of 5240 placed NDTV right at the top with a huge margin. [ CNN IBN 23%, NDTV 24×7  53%, Times Now 12% ] NDTV India, when compared to its close competitors, came second among the most watched Hindi news channels.

These viewership figures are in many ways more accurate than TAM ratings, which can easily be fiddled with and have increasingly become synonymous with corruption and money power.

The above two claims makes me declare the following with atmost pride and confidence, topped the viewership during election results coverage (in the language channel category). The survey was conducted in a large radius of 1 meter around my residence and 100% of them used ! Yuppie!

On a serious note (hey, the above statement is a fact), our language channels got very good page views during election results day inspite of being a Saturday. I pray we have elections “often”.


  1. ROFL. That’s brilliant. Frankly, I got irritated with CNN-IBN because Rajdeep was repeatedly going on and on about them having called the results early. Having your guess work for you doesn’t make a channel more this case, it made it less watchable.

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