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Has ‘project go online’ for Indian newspapers failed?

Afaq’s article “Have Indian print publishers lost their way online?” is very interesting. The authors have analyzed this ‘ever debated’ topic in detail.  Some highlights,

To begin with everyone needs to respect the fact that online space is a different medium from print. Each medium should have its own realistic expectations. Print & TV medium is accustomed to huge revenues, so they will always find internet to be ‘minuscule’ which translates to ‘let us look into it later’ or even ‘let us just ignore the net’.

Print houses in India don’t pay enough attention to online. One needs to wonder why The Hindu has been in beta forever?

Finally, each medium needs to respect the other medium.  The size of online business is much smaller than print and TV medium but that doesn’t mean the online space needs to be written off. We online publishers surely respect the print/TV medium. High time they respect the pure play online publishers/portals.