None of the desi Social Networking sites are being taken seriously

Today’s Mint had an interesting article about how executives of Fortune companies in India use social networking sites for their work/research/hiring etc.

The findings are not that surprising, they all use LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Orkut. The sad part, I did not see a single mention of any Indian social networking site 🙁 Guess my fraternity has a lot of work to do.

Most of the Indian social networking sites seem to be for fun, entertainment etc. The only Indian site which is attempting to be a LinkedIn seems to be (I wonder why they don’t promote it from the footer of


  1. Sunil Goyal says:

    Today, the younger crowd is already hooked to Orkut, Facebook and professional crowd on LinkedIn. Sites like Rediff Connexions, Minglebox,, Brijj will need to have a mass adoption scale – for the media to take a serious notice. Lot of people even in the technical community haven\’t ever heard of these names. I guess could do a very good job, it already has the people profiles, perhaps should integrate social networking directly into

  2. sami lagod says:

    see first of all the internet boom in India has just started. Plus most of the teens are already into orkuting etc and are least interested in going to a indian social system cos of many factors. have patience, slowly we too will begin rocking.

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