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WANTED: Official memorabilia of Bangalore International Airport

A teenager from Poland sent me an email today,

Dear Friend, My name is *******. I am sixteen years old and I am from Poland. I like planes and flying very much. My dream is to become a pilot in future. I send you and your airport big regards, and I have got a request: could you send me some official gadgets of your airport like pen, pins e.t.c.? I would be more than happy if you could do this Best wishes from Poland ******, my address, Debica Poland

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Basic rules on giving feedback

Blogging and User Generated Content (UGC) are the current mantras of the day but it has a lot of noise (many times or even most of the times!). I read very awful/rude feedback messages on blogs these days. Just yesterday I read a series of comments about a portal being acquired in India (I guess that story was based on ‘True rumors’). People were taking on the promoters of both sides in public 🙁

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How many ads should we have on a page?

Online publishers always have a question – how many ads do I need to have on a page. If a publisher is not thinking about it, be assured he/she is not a quality conscious publisher.

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