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Broadband density in India

A recent report says,

  • Every 200th Punjabi has a broadband connection. Punjab has 106,892 broadband connections.
  • Punjab circle also ranks among the top five in the country in per capita mobile connections.
  • Haryana minus Gurgaon and Faridabad has 40,212 broadband connections (as of Dec 31, 2007)
  • Jammu & Kashmir has about 10,000 broadband connections
  • Himachal Pradesh has about 7,000 broadband connections
  • In 2005 BSNL had 47.69% of the market share, in 2007 it shrunk to 31.29%. The pie has become larger and other private players have come in. Stil, BSNL has the largest share of the broadband subscriber base.
  • Andhra Pradesh has 234,099 broadband connections.
  • Karnataka has 331,937 broadband connections.
  • Maharashtra + Goa has 654,308 broadband connections.
  • Delhi + Gurgaon + Faridabad + Noida + Gaziabad has 409,507 broadband connections.
  • Broadband penetration per 1000 citizens (Dataquest-IDC e-Gov Survey 2008): Delhi (84), Goa (28), Maharashtra (20)

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Is the lack of Indian language on net hindering the growth of Internet in India?

The current size of internet user base has not impressed many. Experts claim the lack of Indian languages on the internet is one of the reasons. I disagree