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Offline or Online, it is Local stupid!

Mumbai has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. I am talking about Raj Thackeray. This all started with the Railway exams being held in Mumbai and his party MNS cadres attacking Biharis. I am sure TV channels were thrilled as they had one more issue to cover over and over again.

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PC growth in India

The cost of the PC is one of the reasons for the low penetration of internet. Note, you don’t hear about the cost of software being a hurdle for obvious reasons.

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How big is the mobile marketing opportunity from WAP sites in India?

Last numbers from TRAI for September 2008,

  • 10 million mobile users added in Sept (7.69m GSM, 2.34m CDMA)
  • Total number of mobile users: 315 m (slurp!). In August the user base was 305.24 m.
  • India is the ‘fastest’ growing wireless/mobile market and the second largest market after China.

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DTH operators ignore the web

Airtel is the latest entrant in the DTH space. Recently Reliance Communications’s Big TV made an entry. Few basic DTH numbers

  • Every month about 300,000 DTH users are being added, compared to 9-10 million mobile users.
  • Current (2008) subscriber base is 6 million, set to grow to 30+ million by 2012.
  • Currently India has 80 million cable TV subscribers.
  • DishTV has around 225 channels and services with registered 3.76 million subscribers. DishTV has a distribution network of about 600 distributors and 45,000 dealers that spans nearly 5,200 towns across the country.
  • All DTH operators are bleeding. They are getting innovative by offering content from banks (about their services), matrimonial portals. It is too early to say whether this kind of content will be consumed. We should give time for this kind of advertising to mature of DTH. Hopefully it will succeed.

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Google joins SMS race in India

India’s mobile user base has been growing at such an mouth-watering-impressive pace that it even Google cannot ignore it.

Google SMS

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