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Internet userbase in Rural India on the rise

It is encouraging to learn from a research carried out by IMRB/I-Cube that the userbase in Rural India is increasing. The report doesn’t talk about how the rural India connects to the net but my guess is most of them in rural India access the internet using BSNL broadband. I recall reading a while ago about BSNL coming up with a special broadband pricing plan for their rural users. I can’t find that article but this one talks about BSNL’s aggressive broadband plans for rural India.

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Gallery Update: Political banner typo

In India the political banners can be counter productive to the politician

2009: Internet advertising to grow in India

According to a report from GroupM,

  • Advertisement in mediums like magazines and cinema will see a steep decline in 2009
  • In its recent outlook on India the GroupM study says that the overall size of Indian advertising industry is set to touch Rs 24,900 crore in 2009 compared to Rs 22,864 crore in 2008, thereby registering a growth of 8.9 per cent

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Revisit banner placements for better branding

Interesting points from John R. Burbank, CEO, Nielsen Online about why the brand recall on the web is so poor.

Why isn’t there more memorable advertising on the Web? The answer is multifaceted, but the bottom line is simple: While the Web is working fine for search and direct response advertisers (“What’s your credit score?”; “Rent from Netflix!”), it has yet to blossom for products that aren’t regularly searched for or purchased online.

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