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Gmail starts supporting Indian languages

Gmail supporting Indian languages is a big boost to the Indic space.

Only 13% of existing internet users in India prefer to read in English

Research by Juxt shows majority of internet users prefer their local language over English.

When will our politicians be ‘Open For Questions’?

It is safe to assume every Indian politician is trying to imitate Obama’s online presence &  campaign. Obama has not only been advertising via Google Adwords for “Obama’s First 100 Days” but now he is reaching out to common people on White House’s “Open For Questions“,

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Elections: New Mantra – Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Broadband

It is that time of the year in India – it is legal for every political party to make false promises. General Election 2009 is heating up. Political parties have started releasing their manifesto.

Read more on Elections: New Mantra – Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Broadband… What should be expected out of a business plan competition?

It was interesting to attend a business plan competition in SJCE, Mysore. Just need an excuse to visit SJCE