The pain of going through re-exams in India

Exam time is stressful in India. Re-exams for sure are very very stressful on our children. It is high time tough laws are passed on exam paper leaks.

Digital India: Internet users doubles but digital transactions lags

The Indian internet user base has been growing impressively, thanks to the mobile internet. But the number of internet users transacting online is still low.

Digital ad spend in India will grow by 25% in 2018: Pitch Madison Advertising Report

Pitch Madison advertising report for India is closely watched by the advertising and publishing industry. Radio and digital ad revenues has been projected to increase in India.

Advertisers demand toxic free content on Facebook and Google

Digital advertisers and users are demanding toxic free content. The eco system is worried about the harm toxic content is causing to the society. Due to scale solving this issue is a challenge. Can blockchain help?

FASTag – Electronic Toll Collection is convenient but needs improvements

To save money and time at toll booths in India, FASTag is the solution. But as a product, they need to improve a lot. And it isn’t that difficult to improve the shortcomings.