Column: Get educated from World Class Universities, for FREE!

My ninth column in “Vijaya Next” (Kannada) was about maintaining your online education from premier educational institutions across the world. Main points were,

  • Indian families don’t hesitate to spend on their child’s education (even if they cannot afford)
  • Many of us dream of graduating from world class universities. Majority of them are deprived of reaching that goal – either they cannot afford or they are not that smart to make it to those universities.
  • Few of these world class universities allow you to benefit from their classroom teaching in spite of not being enrolled in their classes. This truly is a commendable way to contribute to the society.
  • Online courses offered by Khan Academy, University of California – Berkeley, MIT OpenCourseWare, Stanford Center for Professional Development
  • Our own IIT too has provided many of their popular courses on YouTube.

Many students become more curious, serious during the later part of their education. They may at times feel they have missed out on the quality lectures one gets at these prestigious universities. Not anymore, just go online and get the high quality food for your hungry brain!

Online Education Courses

Online Education Courses

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