What does a VC want from an entrepreneur?

Recently I presented to a group of entrepreneurs about my experience in scaling Oneindia.in without VC funding. This event was organized by HeadStart in Bangalore. It was a very nice and interactive session, I am always interested to share and learn from others.

I came across the article “Inside the mind of a venture capitalist” which had summarized the points very well,

  1. Why should the VC invest in you?
    They must see the passion and deep understanding you have in your company/product.
  2. Should your ‘killer’ idea be a product?
    Can your idea be a product on its own or is it an add on for an existing successful product? ( Very interesting and valuable advise)
  3. What is the cost of sale of your product?
    Your product may be good but are there too many hurdles to penetrate the market? If so, a VC is not interested.


  1. Thanks Mahesh,

    Incidentally even Mumbai has some investment talk. I would try and get the video live soon


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