Blackberry: Can’t access address book, Send option disappears

Last 2 days I have been spending time fixing my Blackberry 8520. I was using Blackberry Desktop 5.x on my Windows 7, I read about their new snazy upgrade, the upgrade itch forced me to upgrade to Desktop 6.0. During installation I thought version 5 would be deleted/upgraded, at the end of the installation I had two working versions – 5.x and 6.x.

No Send Option in Email

After upgrading to 6.x I discovered when I composed a new email it wasn’t able to access my address book. I wasn’t able to enter an email address and send email because the menu had only “Save Draft” option. However, if I opened the address book I could click on an email address and send email. I was able to respond to the incoming emails. I tried “reindexing” the address book by holding down the Alt key and type “rbld”, it did not help.

I tried resending the “Service Book” but it did not help.

Fixing Syncing Problem

Blackberry Desktop 6.x was able to see my handset but wasn’t able to synchronize. I was getting an “error” every time I tried to sync. Many on Blackberry forums have talked about this, even though I wasn’t able to get a clear answer. Few things I tried were,

  • Battery pull – remove the battery, wait for 3 minutes before putting it back. Repeated this thrice, no help.
  • Uninstalled Desktop 6.0, tried synching with 5.x, did not work
  • Uninstalled Desktop 5.0, kept the user settings, reinstalled Desktop 5.0, synching still did not work
  • Finally did a “clean uninstall” of Desktop, reinstalled Desktop 5.x. Sync worked, but my “Send” mail option was still not working

Fixed Email Send & Address Book Problem

After speaking with Airtel folks it was decided I had to reinstall the OS all over again on my handheld. Luckily “Backup” option was working (which I do every week anyways). I followed the instructions on Blackberry site to reinstall the OS. Things are finally working, compose email can access the address book and I see the “Send” option.

It is important NOT to restore the backed up data of Blackberry. Apparently the data I had on my handled was corrupted and I was repeatedly “restoring” the corrupted data! After installing the OS I synced Outlook data separately and things as of this moment is fine.

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