This Diwali, friend pours water on my desire for Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

I have been wanting to buy an Android Table which is not very  expensive (unlike an iPad) but with good number of features (again, i.e. an iPad)!! I already have an iPad (non-3G), so Android was the obvious choice for the next tablet to see what is happening in that space.

Kindle Fire sounded like a good choice even though I considered other Android tablets before. The features of Kindle Fire looked pretty good and $199 is a very good price.

Just before Diwali I shot off an email to my friend in US who visits India every Christmas. I wrote to him “I am accepting gifts for a LIMITED time. How is Kindle Fire?” and here goes his response,

I just shaved off my beard so sorry I can’t be Santa Claus.

You can get the Kindle Fire but there are some compromises you are making in terms of features. No camera, no bluetooth, no 3G for starters. Also, only 8GB on-board memory. It is also Amazon’s version of Android and may not have all ‘standard’ android features. However, it will be optimized to work with the Amazon store so great for reading etc.

If you don’t have a tablet yet, I would ask you to look at the Samsung Galaxy tablet. Much more full featured and a strong competitor to the iPad.

Sounds like he is not going to gift me one.

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