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How do you build future leaders/bureaucrats?

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with my cousin from US. We met her family after 11 years. We were talking about  her son’s extra-curricular activities. One of her sons went to National Youth Leadership Forum in Washington DC.

His team was given a “situation” – emergency in Sudan. They had to come up with a solution. Each member was appointed as Secretary of Defence, National Security Advisor etc. The team got a chance to communicate with few “real” bureaucrats from the US government to learn how to solve these situations (not that the US has always been successful when it comes to foreign policy – Iraq, Pakistan) . I think this is a real cool idea. Exposing students to such mature topics during their childhood can leave a lasting impression on these kids.

I wonder if we had a similar Forum in India, what would our kids suggest to resolve the US-India nuclear deal crisis.

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