How to restructure the org chart of online companies for better revenues?

Online companies are constantly working on increasing revenues. Chances are during this recession period every company is.  So how could the Indian online industry increase its revenues? Came across this interesting blog posting on Lightspeed’s blog, it is not about Indian online industry but general media companies.

We could learn from their tips though,

  • Some other startups have focused on the “new” part of new media. They have often created incredible compelling experiences for users, and have generated impressive traffic. But their monetization ability has lagged; sometimes due to creating inventory that is hard to sell,  sometimes because the startups culture is not inimical to ad sales.
  • Advertising revenue often scales with ad sales people. Yet I have seen some startups that have been disappointed with their revenue growth but have >10%  of their employees focused on revenue.
  • Build traffic with a consideration for your ability to package and sell it to advertisers
  • Placing significant company and senior management attention on revenue. This can mean up to 30-50% of employees working on revenue generating activities
  • Adding advertising sales expertise and contacts to the management team
  • Being flexible about tradeoffs between advertiser needs and user needs

Interesting but I don’t think any content portal in India has 50% of the employees working on revenues. But if it is UGC based portal, one could achieve that 30-50% number.

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