Online advertising in India: 2011 report card, 2012 projections

Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2012 held in New Delhi on Feb 17, 2012 sheds some light on the advertising market in India for the year 2012. Before that some numbers for advertising marketing in India for 2011,

  • Indian advertising grew 8pc at Rs 25,594 cr in 2011 (Rs 9,300 crore in 2003)
  • The last five months (September 2011 – Jan 2012) had not been so good.
  • Television continued to dominate with a share of 44.8 per cent (Rs 11,478 crore), followed closely by print with a share of 42.2 per cent (Rs 10,800 crore). TV and print in combine account for around 85 per cent of India’s total ad spend.
  • The English press had witnessed a tough year in 2011. For the print medium, a spark of hope comes from the regional space. The English press reaches only 10 per cent of the English speaking population.
  • Radio saw a flat growth of 3.1 per cent share of the ad pie (Rs 903 crore), on the other hand, outdoor did better with a 5.1 per cent share.
  • Cinema slid a few notches with a share of 0.5 per cent.
  • Outdoor media: Rs 1,297 crore against Rs 1,441 crore in 2010 (negative growth)
  • The growth of Internet’s share had been the most impressive, claiming the third largest share of the ad pie at 3.8 per cent which will grow to 5% in 2012. Internet, including search, grew at a healthy rate of 45 per cent in 2011, as against the expected 35 per cent growth, to clock revenue of Rs 985 crore.

Advertising Market Projections in India for 2012

  • The growth projections for the ad industry for 2012 remained a cautious 8-9 per cent, with a total ad pie of Rs 28,013 crore.
  • Print: 6% growth  (Rs 11,438 crore)
  • TV: 10% growth (Rs 12,626 crore)
  • Radio advertising: 5% growth (Rs 948 crore)
  • Outdoor advertising: 5% growth (Rs 1,362 crore)
  • Internet: 50% growth (Rs 1,478 crore). The report projected that Internet would become a 5 per cent media.
  • Search queries for Google continue to grow at 60 per cent YoY. Local search is growing faster.

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