Forget the brand/logo, which search engine works for you?

Most of us would agree a ‘brand’ has an influence on the liking of a product. Ask anyone ‘Which search engine works for you the best?”, the obvious answer you expect to hear is ‘Google of course’.

One of the top management employees of a search engine told me that users get influenced by the search engine brand, i.e. the logo. You will understand what I am saying if you visit one or both of the following two sites,

  1. Black Box Search Engine Test ( not active anymore)
  2. Blind Search

Perform a search task on these sites, it shows you the results from Google, Yahoo and Bing but it doesn’t tell you which result belongs to which search engine. Vote for the best result you see amongst the three sets and then you will be informed which search engine that result was from. Not always the search engine you voted for is Google!

One missing feature in both sites – it would be useful to set the country for the three search engines. At times the results from Google-India are different from (same for other search engines).


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