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The good old days of internet & Thank You letters

Last weekend I was made to clear up a lot of papers at home. At times I keep things so safe that I can’t find it. I came across few papers which made me sit down and think of the late 1990s – the days when I had started my site in the US.

I got in touch with Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal, unable to recall how I heard of him. I was very keen on covering Law & Tax matters from India on my website. I asked him if he could contribute to these two sections from Nagpur. He was so excited about my request that he regularly contributed to my site. NRIs were very keen on getting some professional tax advise which he provided through my site.

Tejinder Singh Rawal with one of his cameras

There was no remuneration provided to Tejinder. I did not offer and he did not ask – simply because our motive was only to impart the information to all. We were so excited to get feedback emails from people. During 1998-99 my site was getting as high as 19,000 page views a day! Now you talk to any internet company it is only about valuation.

Tejinder had written a thank you note (dated June 20, 1998) and sent it to me by snail mail. Wonder why he did not email the thank you note? Guess it wouldn’t be that personal if he had sent by email. I don’t remember receiving this letter but it was nice to discover it again. Tejinder had one of those loooong email ids. I had offered him a email id which would forward to his email id. That itself was considered way too cool those days.

Tejinder is a very talented person – serious amateur photographer, active Freemason, avid golfer, good swimmer, voracious reader (one of his educational degrees in M.A. Urdu)

I made many good friends thru my site from those days. They still remain as good friends. Lasting friendship.

Thank you note from Tejinder Singh Rawal