Advertisers demand toxic free content on Facebook and Google

There has been a lot of talk about fake news on the internet. Facebook and Google have been under pressure to suppress fake news. Not an easy task. But now these internet giafnts have a bigger problem – being held accountable to advertisers. Advertisers want to see toxic free content.

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FASTag – Electronic Toll Collection is convenient but needs improvements

Electronic Tolls are common in Western countries. A 2016 study by IIM, Kolkata said the country suffers losses of nearly┬áRs 40,000 crore per year due to delays in transportation. The study also said the delays led to consumption of fuel worth Rs … [Continue reading]

US undergraduate education – not as rosy as it appears

It is that time of the year in the US - high school graduates enter undergraduate programs every Fall. While most of us think it is a rosy picture, it is not. For curriculum & study workload, I think US undergraduate programs from good colleges … [Continue reading]

Blame yourself for the Digital Distractions in your life

Digital distraction is becoming a bigger problem of the day. I wrote about smartphones increasing time taken to finish a meal in restaurants, the sad part such distractions is the reduction in family time. But then I make a living out of the same … [Continue reading]

46% of online Indians primarily consumed local language content: Mary Meeker

cross IndiaIt is that time of the year. The entire internet eco-system wants to read Mary Meeker's annual internet report. This year there has been a substantial focus on India (55 slides - slide 232 to 287). … [Continue reading]