Brand Bengaluru is the winner of ET Startup Awards 2018

Every year Economic Times recognizes the best startups in India. The Awards recognize excellence in eight categories Startup of the Year, Woman Ahead, Top Innovator, Bootstrap Champ, Midas Touch (Best Investor), Social Enterprise, Best on Campus and Comeback Kid.

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India’s dairy market size in 2017: $120 Billion

During our childhood days buying milk was not as easy as today. We had to exchange empty milk glass bottles with filled ones every morning. Possibly it was more environment-friendly than today's plastic packets. … [Continue reading]

How senior citizens should reject a LinkedIn invitation

My entire family has been connected to the internet from very early days (from the late 1990s). My mother was always more comfortable with technology than my father. During my days in the US, we use to communicate with family in India thru AOL … [Continue reading]

Is Whatsapp doing enough to curtail Fake News in India?

These days the topic of fake news is being discussed a lot in India. Unfortunately, people are believing false news which¬†resulted in the lynching in India (see this & this) … [Continue reading]

Internet penetration & smartphone ownership low, social media usage high in India

A recent study from Pew throws light on internet penetration and social media usage in developed and developing countries. As expected the growth of social media in developed countries has plateaued. The next wave of growth is going to be from … [Continue reading]