Social Media has fueled the reach of Fake News

In continuation of my earlier post “False Narrative is more dangerous than Fake News“, let us look into a topic which has been discussed at great length by many – fake news. As mentioned in the earlier article, fake news has been there for decades or even centuries.

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False Narrative is more dangerous than Fake News

Fake News has been a challenge across the world. It has become so big that Fake News was Collins Dictionary's word for 2017. Most readers are unable to differentiate between real and fake news. … [Continue reading]

Challenges for the incoming Karnataka State Government in 2018

Karnataka assembly election 2018 campaign is in full swing. Media and election pundits say this assembly election is a 'litmus test for PM Narendra Modi'. From what I recall, every assembly & by-election since May 2014 has been seen as a litmus … [Continue reading]

India has a huge phubbing problem

We in India just cannot stay away from our mobile phone. Observe what happens around while walking or driving, you often see people are using their mobile phones, even while being at the wheel! … [Continue reading]

Traffic management during Political Rallies needs to be planned better

Karnataka is going to polls in May 2018. It is election time. The political campaign & the weather are heating up! Most political rallies in Bengaluru are held in Palace Grounds. Political rallies are very important for local leaders as it … [Continue reading]