India’s dairy market size in 2017: $120 Billion

During our childhood days buying milk was not as easy as today. We had to exchange empty milk glass bottles with filled ones every morning. Possibly it was more environment-friendly than today’s plastic packets.

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How senior citizens should reject a LinkedIn invitation

My entire family has been connected to the internet from very early days (from the late 1990s). My mother was always more comfortable with technology than my father. During my days in the US, we use to communicate with family in India thru AOL Chat (remember that sound?).

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FASTag – Electronic Toll Collection is convenient but needs improvements

To save money and time at toll booths in India, FASTag is the solution. But as a product, they need to improve a lot. And it isn’t that difficult to improve the shortcomings.

Blame yourself for the Digital Distractions in your life

Digital distractions is causing a huge loss at work and possibly even at home. But only we have to be blamed for such distractions.

Club in Bangalore discriminating daughters?

Is India still stuck behind in times? Do we still see a difference in sons and daughters?