Blame yourself for the Digital Distractions in your life

Digital distractions is causing a huge loss at work and possibly even at home. But only we have to be blamed for such distractions.

Twitter bots influencing voters during elections

Twitter bots these days have been influencing voters and main stream media. If fake news is not checked it can be dangerous.

Allen Solly prepones Christmas to Dasara

I had been to watch “Finding Fanny” in Garuda Mall in Bangalore with friends & family. The movie was different, it had its moments but very slow.  Many stores in Garuda Mall were getting renovated that late night. I saw the sign board from Allen Solly and spotted a typo. I double checked with my folks if the spelling was indeed wrong. At Oneindia I am known for spotting typos, people hate me for that but take it in the right spirit (so I am told).

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Twitter Acquires Namo Media!

In an effort to strengthen itself in the native advertising + mobile ad space Twitter acquired NaMo media

Can Social Media Influence Elections in India?

The question every journalist is asking is – will social media be a game changer in 2014 elections. My answer is it will be both a yes and a no.