Smartphones to double, 3G usage will surpass 2G in India in 2013

With the falling prices of smartphones the penetration of it is expected to double in India in 2013. The youth is pushing the mobile internet usage in India.

Will 3G rescue mobile telcos in India?

Mobile companies in India are scratching their heads to figure out how to increase their ARPUs [average revenue per user].  The potential of increase revenues in urban India is saturating, which is the worrying point for all telcos.

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A German’s experience of 3G in India

I had written a while ago about “What is 3G? Does India need it?“. We all have eagerly waited for the launch of 3G, whose auctioning went pretty smooth. A total of Rs 67,718.95 crore was raised from the 3G auction.

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3G: What will make it tick in Rural India?

In continuation with my MobileMonday 3G post, there was a lot of talk about 3G will tick well in rural India. Reasons being, there will be many in non-Tier-1 cities who will want to make use of telemedicine. I hope it does become a reality by which the needy really get what they want.

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3G stake holders in India

I thought the following information from my previous post deserved more attention. I just loved the talk from Mr. N. Chandrasekhar (BSNL, Karnataka). At times you wonder why BSNL is not doing much better today in spite of having very experienced & committed people.

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