Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio sets the date for India’s internet inflection point

Mukesh Ambani does everything at a very large scale, thankfully the internet connectivity has been on his radar. 100 m internet users in 100 days!

Will India see an Internet inflection point by 2015?

Mukesh Ambani’s mega broadband plans for India will give the internet industry the much needed boost.

“Broadband For All” in India at a minimum download speed of 2 Mbps

Government of India is coming up with a policy to ensure the minimum broadband speed in India is 2 Mbps

Will India see an Internet inflection point by 2014?

For internet entrepreneurs in India a very important topic of interest is – when will India see the big growth of internet users in India? When will India truly witness the internet inflection point? Today India has approximately 100 million PC internet and  75+ million mobile internet users. This is expected to grow to 350 million users by 2015, but if mobile/tablets take off in a big way the number could be bigger.

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Rural Internet usage on rise in India, will this help language usage?

Will the broadband penetration help in consumption of Indic content?