Indic tools, companies

Indian language, Indic, has been in the digital space for a long time. There have been few companies which were into Indic as early as 2000. But lately, few AI & Machine Learning companies too are supporting Indic in a big way.

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  • Chatbots for fintech in multiple Indian languages to automate your customer service operations.


  • Navlekha: a Google initiative, helps you easily make offline content fully editable and publish online without expert digital knowledge. Helping digitize 135,000 Indian publishers get a web presence in less than a minute, FOR FREE. Few works can be seen here.

Speech Recognition

  • Voice assistant for your applications, supports multiple Indian languages. Also has a text-to-speech solution.
  • Speech recognition in Hindi, English and all major Indian languages. Uses Deep Learning to develop products that will, easily and efficiently, take over tasks that are routine, repetitive, mundane and time-consuming.
  • Voxta: “Mobile Alexa” voice assistant app in Indian languages.


With the rise in demand for Indic content, individuals and corporates are looking for translation services.

  • Process9: MOX Wave is a cloud-based machine translation and transliteration system supporting Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. Mox Gateway automatically translates your existing website to other Indian languages.

Indian Language Keyboards

  • MOX Keyboard for Android: A web and mobile keypad that supports input in multiple Indian languages. Apart from its 21-language support, the keypad also offers flexible layouts like Inscript, Phonetic, and Shiftless, and can easily be integrated with websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps.

Indic Fonts

In 1990s and early 2000, devices (PCs, mobiles) did not support Indian languages. Today, Android and iOS devices have Indic fonts built in, which has made the life of a reader easier. However, many publishers wish to use third-party fonts to improve the quality of rendering.

Indic Focussed Portals, Apps

  • Oneindia: The earliest player in Indic space focussed on news, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, education, travel and personal finance.
  • DailyHunt: The most popular news aggregator app in India, supporting all Indian languages.
  • GetVokal: The first audio-based platform which allows you to share knowledge (Q&A) in multiple Indian languages. Seed funding: Accel, Series A: Kalaari Capital
  • myUpchar: Health content in Hindi. Funded by Omidyar Network, Nexus, Shunwei Capital
  • ShareChat: The most popular Indic chatting platform in India. Funded by Series A: Lightspeed India Partners, SAIF Partners, India Quotient, Venture Highway. Series B: Xiaomi

Indian Language Videos

  • JoshTalks: Watch India’s most incredible stories in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi and Telugu on Josh Talks – Get Motivated and Get Inspired!

Indian Language Podcasts

  • Aawaz: is a voice first initiative that will inspire a nation with stories told in languages that are unique to India.

Indic Software Development Companies

  • Agrahyah: is building a suite of Web, Mobile, and Voice products ground up in multiple languages. Products include Calculators, Alexa apps, news app.