Will India see an Internet inflection point by 2015?

Mukesh Ambani’s mega broadband plans for India will give the internet industry the much needed boost.

Oneindia editors on streets for networking

Well, literally our editors at Oneindia.in were on the streets to check out what was happening in front of our office. Bangalore is one city where digging keeps happening all the time.

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Broadband connections March 2013: India 15m, US 83m

I would have expected the US to have a lot more number of broadband connections. While the number of users in India is half of US the size of internet economy is far apart.

India’s first private ISP Sify to stop home internet service

Sify was the first private internet service provider India had. It was a great relief to deal with a private vendor

Will internet penetration growth be dampened by new tax in India?

Govt is planning to tax bandwidth providers an additional 8%. Will it dampen the much needed the growth of internet penetration in India?