Oneindia editors on streets for networking

Well, literally our editors at were on the streets to check out what was happening in front of our office. Bangalore is one city where digging keeps happening all the time.

There are so many departments who are in love with digging roads and one word that isn’t in their dictionary is “co-ordination”. They love to indiscriminately dig roads without using any tools to see if any cables are running right under their “target”.

Losing voice, internet connection is something we all have got accustomed to. Our editors and other staff ensured the guilty felt pressurized to fix the problem at the earliest.

We don’t run way from the situation. Talking about running away – worth watching the newly released movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. I vividly recall the legendary Milkha Singh addressing us in our school days in Bangalore.

Internet cable cut in Bangalore

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