3G: What will make it tick in Rural India?

In continuation with my MobileMonday 3G post, there was a lot of talk about 3G will tick well in rural India. Reasons being, there will be many in non-Tier-1 cities who will want to make use of telemedicine. I hope it does become a reality by which the needy really get what they want.

If we would like to see the usage of mobile internet increasing in non-Tier-1 cities I believe the following issues needs to be attended to,

  • 3G service needs to be affordable (not trying to say rural India doesn’t have spending power)
  • 3G mobile handsets must support Indian languages. If they don’t, the handsets folks are missing out on a huge opportunity.
  • All the video streaming etc everyone talks about, it needs to be in the local language.

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