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12 year old asks me “So what do you ACTUALLY do?”

Kid is relaxing after asking me a tough question

My nephew recently got a mobile phone. So the number of mobile connections in India seems to have +1. As soon as he got this mobile he started calling his first circle to give his mobile number.

I had two conversations with him. One of the phone and another face to face.

When he called me he asked,

Nephew: “Mama (Uncle), this is my mobile number. Save it. Where are you mama ?”
Me: “In office”
Nephew: “What are you doing?”
Me: “I am working”
Nephew: “OK. Bye” (I could sense his dissatisfaction with my response)

Few days later he came home and he took this conversation forward. He is just 12 years old.

Nephew: “The other day I called you. I obviously know you were working in the office. But what do you do?”
Me: “I run a website called…”, he cuts me off
Nephew: “I know about We visit it at home. But WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO there?”

I could feel do I answer this boy in the next few seconds?

Me: “Well, you know I am an engineer. Also I like to read and write articles. So I work with the team on what we need to do in a website to become big”
Nephew: “OK, but once you have done it what do you do in the company?”
Me: (baffled) “I keep trying to give ideas on how to grow and once I know the team can handle it they take it forward”
Nephew: “But once a website is on its own do you think of doing another website?”

This was big ouch! My nephew started giving me strategy gyan, that too in the dotcom field.