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Petrol Price hike: Have you changed your lifestyle?

We in India are getting used to hike in petrol/gas prices. It is hurting to the huge Indian middle class but we have to start facing reality. Just few days ago I saw a report which said we can expect yet another hike of Rs 5/litre.

Gas prices have been increasing in US too. Nielsen reports on how this hike has effect people in US and Canada,

Unlike in India, gas prices keep varying between gas stations in US and Canada. People find the cheapest gas station in their area from sites like GasBuddy.

Car Pooling

Car pooling is one way to save on your petrol bill but I feel we are not that open to car pooling in India. Few sites are out there for car pooling, haven’t seen any of them rocking. I car pool during weekends with friends but can’t see that happening for my work.

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Public Transportation

Except for Mumbai, not sure in which city in Bangalore public transportation is good. Bangalore has lovely Volvo buses though. I am looking forward to using Metro in Bangalore.

In India luckily we have small shops (“kirani” shop as we call in Karnataka) all around the house. We usually walk up to these shops, except for the monthly groceries.

When the price rises, I hear people whinning about it but later just forget about it. Their traveling habits rarely change.