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What did your ‘lunch box’ look like in school days?

Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching “Stanley Ka Dabba” with family. I had read the reviews of this movie and wanted to make sure my kid watched some quality movie with us.

The producer/director of this movie, Amole Gupte, is a man with immense talent. It is easy to make movies which have lot of masala/spice but to make a movie out of ‘lunch box/dabba’  is very creative.

Nearly every scene in the movie is about what a child brings to eat at school (except for the main character who rarely brings food to school). The kids in the classroom are very cute (especially the Mehra boy who brings a huge lunch box everyday). It was nice to see kids got along in that class, there was no concept of making fun of a poor boy. They were there for each other at every juncture of the school year.

Amole Gupte’s performance in ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama‘ was outstanding. I do hope at least one of his movies gets some National Award.

Some highlights of ‘tiffin dabba’ from my school days