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Internet traffic to grow 7 fold by 2015, Asia to be growth centre

According to Asia Will Become the New Center of the Internet (and the Press Release), North America will not be the highest source of web traffic. The report talks about generator of web traffic, i.e. the users. Would be interesting to know what would be their source of information? Would they consume content relevant to their region or would they continue to consume content from US (HuffPost, Youtube).

China, South Korea, Japan would be the important contributors to web traffic from Asia. India doesn’t figure in the list. Not good.

When it comes to data transfer, we hear about Giga and Terabytes. As the consumption keeps increasing terabytes won’t fit the bill. You will hear about petabytes (1000 terabytes), zettabytes (1 billion terabytes).

Few points from that report,

While I don’t have access to the entire report, India doesn’t seem to figure anywhere.  I still believe WiMax (wireless broadband) and not 3G will contribute to the growth of internet penetration in India.

We already see a phenomenal increase in consumption of videos in India (courtesy teens). This will only grow further.

Hosting/bandwidth costs in India have to fall by a great extent (at least by 50%). Majority of Indian content portals need to be hosted in India and not outside India. That would help the user experience which will translate to increase in consumption of web content from India.

Few internet statistics related numbers from India (source: Google, March 2011),