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Software industry has harmed Bangalore

I was pointed to this article in The Hindu newspaper by my dad today “IT sector has done more harm than good to the city“. Bangalore as a brand has taken a huge beating over the last few years. Roads, garbage are a huge problem. But partly we citizens too are to be blamed for the mess.

Few points from the article,

Only citizens of Bangalore can save the city

There are several resident welfare associations in Bangalore which are working hard to keep their locality clean. NGOs like United Way of Bengaluru are doing a great job in reviving lakes. But these efforts are not enough because there are too many powerful people who want to encroach our natural resources.

If things continue this way real estate market in Bangalore will take a beating.

I have always believed in imparting the importance of cleanliness and environment early in school. An investment in students will show good results in a decade.

In spite of all these problems Bangalore is still the favorite city for startups, IT, internet & mobile companies. This is mainly due to the weather and local people being very welcoming to people from any part of the world.