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Bangalore to get free Wifi, free garbage

Few months ago Bangalore was upset with their beloved elected members (MLAs) because they were on a ‘study tour‘ to Argentina, Chile and Peru. At times we citizens jump to conclusions, we all thought they were wasting money. But now we learn they went for something good – they surely had something to bring back from Buenos Aires (Argentina). According to the Bangalore Mirror article Buenos Aires shares the same problem as Bangalore – uncleared garbage! But I wonder if Bangalore inherited this garbage problem after our MLAs study tour.

Uncleared garbage in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Last weekend Bangaloreans were thrilled to read that they may get free Wifi across the city but had to settle for living with garbage. Bangalore could become the second city in the world after Buenos Aires to get free Wi-fi. Some info from Wikipedia (as of today’s version),

Anyway what is the plan for this free Wi-fi scheme?

India has about 130 million internet users, while Argentina has 28 million internet users. While such schemes are music to our ears it would be good if the local body BBMP can do something about the garbage clearance, it is hurting our eyes. Let us pray this free Wifi is not some pipe dream.