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Making Airplay mirroring work with iOS 8

iOS 8 upgrade hasn’t been very smooth. Many have complained about it being slow and sucking the battery life. I upgraded iOS on iPad Mini & Apple TV. I was unable to make the Airplay Mirroring feature work with Apple TV.

Airplay screen on iPad Mini with iOS8

Too many on the net have been complaining about Airplay mirroring not working. I was pointed to this thread on Apple Support forum. Many of the postings on that thread did not make sense to me (for e.g. switch off the router and restart after 30 seconds). There was one useful response which said you had to scroll down to view the “Mirroring” button.

Airplay Mirroring button on iPad Mini with iOS8

Never expected this kind of release from Apple which believes in User Experience. Anyway, life is good now.