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Native Union POP Phone: Very cool colors, cuts radiation from mobile

Recently I came across very attractive colored handsets in a mall. It was very difficult to ‘ignore’ the colors. On a closure look of the product I was told by the sales person that it was to be used with mobile phones to reduce radiation. While the product was displayed with an iPhone, this works with virtually all mobile handsets.

The box of this POP Phone prominently reads “Designed by internationally acclaimed designer David Turpin “. One of the first times I have seen the designer being mentioned on an electronic product. Designers usually get the credit for apparel (which I don’t know where you can wear in public!).  For those interested, some info about David Turpin,

David Turpin is a French designer that graduated from “Beaux-arts” french art-school, before specializing in product design. Designer David Turpin and Native Union have joined forces to create a new line of phones, featuring a perfect harmony of design and functionality. The result is a line of high quality products that perfectly fits all types of domestic or office environment with a very stylish touch.

Other features mentioned are,

Their products are expected to be sold in India by end of March 2012.