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11 million broadband subscribers in India: Nov 2010

The broadband figures are of great interest to the internet publishers community in India. We at Oneindia, study it to get a feel of how the internet is reaching the masses because we are in the Indian language space.

Medianama publishes very detailed reports on a regular basis and they do a real great job at it.

To get the Nov 2010 figures in March 2011 is very late. It would be useful to get the numbers on the lines of comscore – every 4 weeks the numbers must be updated and released. Also, we would like to get the broadband numbers city wise. State wise is a start but let us get deeper.

From our own traffic analysis we do get a sense of how internet is reaching the new Tier-2 cities but we cannot fully depend on analytics because the IPs are not always correctly mapped to a city (check your IP mapping on ip2location). IPs from many small towns in Tamil Nadu show the IPs are mapped  to New Delhi – doesn’t help and it takes us on the wrong route (we start assuming many Delhiities are reading Tamil content)

If you browse the internet on your Blackberry the IP is usually mapped to UK. This doesn’t help us in targeting campaigns on