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India has anywhere from 46m to 150m mobile internet users

IAMAI & IMRB report India will have 46 million mobile internet users by Sept 2011, just recently Google India reported the number to be 150 million. The gap between the two numbers is huge, pick which ever suits you.

Few details from “Mobile Internet in India Report 2011” carried by IAMAI/IMRB [download entire report],

Demography of Mobile Internet Users in India

3G And Mobile Apps in India

Google India’s figures were 3 times IAMAI’s figure. Google India had segregated the off-deck (50m) and on-deck (100m) users. It would be useful to the city wise userbase of this 46m (or 150m). Reports say Airtel alone has 60m GPRS users and most believe the total number is close to 100-120m, so 150m is really not that far away in the grand scheme of things.

Oneindia’s mobile efforts has seen considerable growth in page views (both WAP & mobile apps). I would like to see a lot more action on the revenue front for the mobile space. Reasonably confident revenues will take off soon.

Either way, mobile internet is on the rise in India.