Mobile Internet in India: 150 million users

Exactly a month ago I had posted India has 40 million mobile internet users. According to Google India as of June the mobile internet users is far larger. Few key points from the article are,

  • India has about 150 million mobile web users as of now (assuming June 2011)
  • 150 million mobile internet base includes both on-deck and off deck users. On-deck implies mobile web properties owned by telecom operators, while off-deck means mobile web properties which are not owned by a telecom operator.
  • Currently there are 50 million mobile web off-deck users in the India and it is expected to cross 70 million mark by end of 2011.
  • 78 per cent mobile web users were in the age range of 18-34 years, 75 per cent mobile internet users were males, and 23 per cent of the mobile web users accessed internet via smartphones. Nine out of 10 mobile internet users were graduates.
  • 15-30 per cent of the traffic on websites will be routed via mobile devices by December 2012.
  • Morgan Stanley forecasts there will be more internet users on mobile than users who access internet on desktop computers by 2013
  • Gartner says 46 per cent of the world phones will be smartphones by 2013, compared to 9 per cent now (mid 2011).


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