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Phablet gaining popularity over smartphones in India

The mobile penetration in India is one of the highest in the world today. With the popularity of mobile internet increasing the next revolution seems to be in the mobile devices in India.

A phablet is defined by Wikipedia as,

phablet (/ˈfæblɪt/) is a smartphone form factor describing devices with a screen between 5 to 6.9 inches (130 to 180 mm) in size,[1] designed to combine or straddle the functionalities of a smartphone and tablet, eliminating the need for two devices

The sale of Phablets in India has been increasing impressively. These are good signs for us at as we are seeing a steady growth of mobile traffic on all our sites.

LG Optimus G Pro phablet. Image courtesy

In a recent article in Economic Times (September 9, 2013) titled “Phablets Get Fab Factor with 30% of Smartphone Market” it says (Q2 = April-June),

Are Indian portals ready for phablets?

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