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Ecommerce in India: 2011 was great, will 2012 be sceptical?

The calendar year 2011 is ending in few days and the report cards for various sectors of internet space are being released. In India we should expect report cards twice a year – calendar year (ending December) and financial year (ending March)!

In today’s Economic Times the unique visitors of major categories of ecommerce portals in India have been published, the source being comscore.

 Nov 2010Nov 2011
Total Audience in India41,16946,390
Consumer Electronics6,3347,122
Comparison Shopping4,6115,775
Computer Hardware5,0795,708
Jewelry/Luxury Goods1,5752,134
Source: comscore

The categories that catch your attention could be – coupons (deal sites – translates to snapdeal) and apparel showing a huge jump and shockingly the books category (which translates to just flipkart for most) has shrunk.

Irrespective of whether you believe numbers, numbers, statistics I would agree the number of people shopping online has increased.

There has been a lot of bashing about valuations of ecommerce companies in India. In today’s Mint there is an article about investors turning skeptical on the ecommerce space (are they skeptical of the space or valuations?).  Highlights from various ecommerce in India related articles,

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