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Not just politicians, now offline & online stores after non-metros, villages of India

Our politicians often claim “I am a poor farmer”, other than owning farm lands not sure how many of them have ever done real farming.

Indian retail industry is about $43,500 crore, will grow to $84,000 crore by 2015 (Pitch Magazine, March 2011 issue). Offline retail stores like Marks & Spencer, which has an ‘unaffordable tag’, has been struggling to make its presence felt in India. Marks & Spencer is now planning on expanding to non-metros, Tier-2 towns. The ambiance of the stores in the small towns will be the same as their stores in metros.

The findings in the digital space are interesting. Urban India has about 6.8 crore TV homes & 6 core cable & satellite (C&S) homes. Rural India has 7.3 crore TV homes & 5.6 crore C&S homes. One in three C&S homes in rural India have turned digital as compared to one in seven C&S homes in urban India.

Ecommerce Goes To Rural India

Economic Times carried an article about the increase of ecom activity in non-metros and villages.