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75 percent of internet users in India under the age of 35

Markonahalli Dam near Yediyur, Karnataka. Oneindia Kannada asks “When will these 2 go online?”

India has the third largest online population in the world after China and the U.S. But we still have a long way to go, by now India should have had over 250 million internet users. Comscore counts surfers from home and work only. They don’t recognize users from cyber cafes and mobile devices (in India). Highlights from Comscore’s “2013 India Digital Future in Focus” report,

Glad to see has been included in the News category of this report. By next year we would like to see Oneindia in many more categories.

Unfortunately companies like Comscore are yet to recognize the “presence” and “strong growth” of Indian languages on the internet. The day is not too far, they will have to recognize that vertical. After all India is a land of many flavors.