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God, uh I mean Google says internet usage in India to explode

Lately Google has been talking a lot about mobile internet and internet usage in India. According to Google-India, India will have over 200 million internet users by 2013. Other points from the report,

India doesn’t need just users, but Active Users

While these projections look good I would be more happy to see an increase in the “active user base”. People will use the internet only if it is mandatory. Most of the income tax activities require you to use the internet but then a very dismissal percentage of our population are tax payers.

Airline ticket buyers have largely moved to the internet. Even if they buy it from a local agency it is a given that the agency is using the internet to buy the airline ticket.

Active users of Twitter in India are very low (approximately 300,000 as of now). Let us hope active internet users will be something far better.

As penetration grows the consumption of Indian languages is bound to increase. Just yesterday I attended IAMAI‘s  first Working Group of Local Languages. It was good to hear from various stake holders in the language space about how big the Indic space will be in India. Government has to play a big role in ensuring internet penetration grows exponentially in India.