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Future internet user base projections will be only for mobile, India to have 165m users by 2015

It looks like all research for internet usage in India will be covering the mobile heavily and just as a courtesy desktop PC will be included. Just yesterday I received the report “Mobile Internet in India – December 2012” from IAMAI.  There are 3 types of Mobile internet users in the report,

Other interesting highlights from the report,

35 cities participated in this survey,

Mobile Internet User Base Projection in India

Facebook can be the main factor for users signing up with mobile internet. After all they want to read the updates from friends (had breakfast, I am bored, hungry type updates!)

Would be interesting to see how many of the new mobile internet users will be from the language base. That would be of great interest for us at Oneindia.

Global Sales of PC And Smartphones

These two slides from Businesss Insider give a good picture on PC, tablet and smartphone sales till 2016. If you are in PC industry, time to upgrade yourself to a small device industry. Else you will be history.