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Will language support give the steroids for ecom growth in India?

Today’s article in Mint “Data indicates an e-commerce boom” talks about the good growth of ecom in India. The study was conducted by India’s leading market research firm JuxtConsult. Some notable points from the article are,

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Indian Languages In Digital Space

Government Doesn’t Practice What They Preach

We have heard from almost every politician that the internet doesn’t have sufficient Indian language content and services. Why hasn’t the government taken interest in implementing railway ticketing in all official languages (or at least the major 10 languages)? After all railway ticketing is the real Kohinoor in India’s ecommerce crown. It is the railways which proved to India and the rest of the world many years ago that ecommerce existed in India in spite of lack of internet access and low credit card penetration.

The Indian govt is way behind in imparting content in Indian languages on their official sites. When it comes to tax filing the govt has done a commendable job in shifting the filing from offline to online. But where is the language support?

A Bangalore based travel company was in touch with me recently for implementing the language version of their site. We were more than happy to share our findings with them.

We at were one of the first ones to introduce language support in our classified site We have seen a good growth in “consumption” of language classifieds, i.e. people seem to read our language classified but majority of the postings happen in English. I have always believed India is a “reading community”, so we need to first ensure people consume language content on the internet, only after that we can think about language UGC, language ecommerce.