15% of smartphone users in India go for unlimited data plan

According to Nielsen’s study on data plans of smartphones users in the world majority (42%) in India prefer to pay by the MB and only 15% opt for unlimited data plan.

We have heard about the high usage of mobile internet in Japan. This graph clearly shows that – a whopping 92% use unlimited data plan. I would have expected Korea to have a higher number of users in the unlimited data plan.

According to the report the sample base though seems to be small for India,

From March-April 2012, Face-to-Face (F2F) interviews were conducted among 3,067 mobile users, including 1,593 smartphone users.

In India we can expect more to sign up for unlimited data provided the browsing speeds are better. I for one am not impressed with my prepaid 3G connection on my Android tablet.

Data plans among smartphone users. Source Nielsen

Data plans among smartphone users. Source Nielsen

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  1. We are waiting for affordable 3G and 4G services in India. Most of users are suffering from the problems of High Price Data Plans of 4G and 3G services in India.

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