What is 3G? Does India need it?

Current WAP speed in India is nothing great but it has improved. I understand from my friends who are experts in telecom that you cannot improve the speed performance of WAP any further on a GSM network (which is 2G). I am told only 3G can improve things. So what is 3G?

Ex-Telecom Minister Dayanadi Maran was in the verge of releasing the 3G guidelines in India but he was shown the door. After the new Telecom Minister took over there was some talk about India going with 2.5G, which enables high-speed data transfer over upgraded existing 2G networks.

The GSM and CDMA networks are classed as second generation while the defunct analogue network was the first of the mobile network generations.

3G, or third generation, is the generic term used for the next generation of mobile communications systems. The new systems will enhance the services available today and offer multimedia and internet access and the ability to view video footage.

With a 3G phone and access to the 3G network you can send and receive video calls, watch live TV, access the internet, receive emails and download music tracks, as well as the usual voice call and messaging services found on a mobile phone.

Technically, the main difference between 3G and 2G networks is how quickly data can be sent and received. 3G networks can send data up to 40 times the rates of earlier digital networks, which means that in addition to audio, graphics and text, 3G customers can also send and receive video content, in 3G coverage areas. They provide service at 5-10 Mb per second.

3G was introduced in the United States early in 2002. By late 2004, it was finally providing transmission speeds sufficient to handle full-motion video, albeit over short periods of time (15 seconds to three minutes, in most cases). The third generation technology used in the UK is called UMTS. These services operate at 2100 MHz. (2.1GHz).

Upgrading to 3G will be an expensive affair for all telcos. All telco hardware vendors would have another reason to drool in India!

While we are still not sure when India will get 3G, the technology has already moved on to “beyond 3G” or “4G”. A 4G system will be able to provide a comprehensive IP solution where voice, data and streamed multimedia can be given to users on an “Anytime, Anywhere” basis, and at higher data rates than previous generations.

For any telco to offer 3G the government has to allocate the spectrum. Allocation of spectrum is becoming a mess but ultimately it will be solved (after all it cannot be more complex than pleasing the Left in the govt!!).

I personally believe mobile users in India will have a far better experience after 3G becomes a reality.


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  1. PRADEEP says:

    YES,being a developed country INDIA need 3G Technology.

  2. Himanshu says:

    Hiii, Himanshu
    3g network means Mobile Broadband
    i know india is very backward country because its 40% people are poor.
    So, i says india provides the 3g network after 4-5 years.
    Thank You

  3. Nabin Marak, DBS says:

    A country to be known as a developed country and a step to develop a country the Information technology should lead at first, IT is one of the major factor to development. so intruducing 3G network will be another step to develop India. Therefore India definitely need 3G Technology. Goverment should see into it as earliest possible. Thank you.

  4. Venkatesh M says:

    Hi Pradeep, first of all India is still a developing country and not a Developed country. But the fact remains that 40 % of population is Poor, so taking into consideration of the remaining 60 % which is approx 62 crore ie 620 million which is more than the double of the total mobile subscribers. That means India has lot of scope for 3G and the subscribers are definitely looking forward for 3G services to launch

  5. Rohan Das says:

    ya, Indian Internet consumers need 3G very badly!!!

  6. Did you Guys think about the price network operator would charge…

  7. Alex Ben says:

    3G will be in India within next 1 Year… Telecom providers has been testing it since long. BSNL and MTNL are already providing some 3G services (Althought not officialy declared 3G) in many cities as 2MbPS internet connection. Airtel has already started booking of iPhone….

  8. HI
    Boss will all due respect the other countries have already moved to 4G and beyond till when we will cry that we are poor is us who have to take the lead………

    I dont thing that the mentality will go i.e. we should go for 3G after 4-5 yrs

    you cant pridict the future

    can u have an gurantee that no war will take place or india will develop on the same rate no u cant so better if some thing is comming which all of us know is good let it be ok

    and rember every thing comes at a price…
    its we who have to ecide that weather it will work in the future or not in our favour……..

    Aviraj Ashok Jain

  9. Today every want to be as fast as lght so have to save his time. By introducing 3G in India, the time needed to complete any job on net reduce and the quality also improves. the one most important thing is the facilites providing by the telecome copanes also increses which fuinaly a good thing for the user. it also help to improve the knowledge of those user who ever doesn\’t know the meaning of 3G.

  10. Hey,
    India needs 3g technology being a developing country we need to upgrade to the new technology.no doubt those who can afford this only use this service……………

  11. sanjay yadav says:

    friends do you know any country know as using their resources.india making progress in all the fields.till now we are using CDMA and GSM mobils.if we want to new technology at 3G mobils the indian government will support to IT company.most of new generation skilled in technology so we can use and maintain proper way thank you.

  12. Hi friends, instead we move for 3G, we can move to 4G. Think out of box man….

  13. As everybody knows 3G is advanced and most of the people in india are right now (urban)can afford a 3G phone,because in corporate world i think it will help a lot….so now a days its inevitable to have 3G service in INDIA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that,s all

  14. Vinay A Tirkey says:

    IF u look 4 to 5 yrs back there was a tussel on usage and convenience of a mobile phone, and now if we check the current senario every 2nd person in india has atleast a basic mobile phone. Everytime a new service or feature is offered its always questioned but why ???
    cause any sort of an improvement is still an improvment( let it be small or big). Nd for people who are concerned about the price then why u looking for the special features of video calling and data service. which has to be expensive cause every thing costs. Its for them who require it, u need to be happy cause during ur nomal calls(which will cost the same amout)you will have less call drops and better voice quality. Not a major improvement but something better …

  15. Hey Himanshu… Let me clarify that we are in developing country list. Just to let you know in Pune 3G has already been started. There is no need to wait 4-5 years. In next hardly 6 -8 months you would be able to use 3G at your town. But here I am agree to “Think out of box and bring 4G!!!”

  16. India is not a backward country one of my frnd said that\’s its a country of devotion , dedication and determination understand indian are known for thier brain indian has better quality than any other country can have bcoz india is best i proud to be a indian

  17. hiii friends… can any body tell me what is the difference between wi fi and 3G….

  18. wifi is wifi & 3g is 3g
    wifi cant be 3g
    3g cant be wifi
    both doesn\’t obey reciprocity theorem

  19. wifi is a kind of Fixed wireless. 3G is mobile wireless.

  20. Wifi is based on IEEE 802.11 and is used primarily for data over short range in high band-width.

    3G stands for 3rd Generation. It is based on ITU standards uner IMT2000. It is wide area cellular network, capable of high speed internet and video telephony.

  21. As a developing country,indian citizens needs 3G immediately,most of the youngsters have 3G phones,but they cannot acces good internet service

  22. 3g is too good for internet use

  23. Yes the need of 3g is very essential in our country so that it can compete in the field of communicationwith other countries

  24. 3G is very essential..as a developing country india needs 3g……so tha we can improve our emergent technology..

  25. 3G is so important,India needs that its people to be more efficient for useing it.. rather then pointing India’s poverty.There are many people who are much efficient.All we need to do is just looking forward and giving knowlegde to everyone. We are the people who welcomes every new technology by heart!!!

  26. 3G will be in India either by Feb,09. If not it has to be after elections due to electorate rules. But Govt. will try to finish this issue and bring it by Feb so that they have something to boast off.(Govt. has done nothing significant in the 5 years)

    Some 3G concept n history:

    3G is the third generation of tele standards and technology for mobile networking, superseding 2.5G. It is based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) family of standards under the IMT-2000.
    3G networks enable network operators to offer users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency. Services include wide-area wireless voice telephony, video calls, and broadband wireless data, all in a mobile environment. Additional features also include HSPA data transmission capabilities able to deliver speeds up to 14.4 Mbit/s on the downlink and 5.8 Mbit/s on the uplink.
    The first commercial launch of 3G in the World was by NTT DoCoMo in Japan on October 1, 2001. The second network to go commercially live was by SK Telecom in South Korea on the 1xEV-DO technology in January 2002.

  27. i think india need 3g very desperatively.
    becoz people like me is fed up of using this 2g.
    there r so many people who can buy a 3g enabled set and they will do.

  28. I think at this point of time india definitely needs 3g services.Any professional on an average does atleast 60% of his work either using mobile phone or internet. 3g provdes the convergence by bundling both voice and internet communication in one and thats why its needed.Regarding the poverty issue some one pointed out, poverty can be only eliminated by strenghthning the that mass which is above the line because their will always be the trickle down effect, poverty cannot be eliminated b allocating the funds for infrastructural development to provide free food and shelter.

  29. hi
    eventhough the present mobiles are having the less features the people are getting used to it verymuch . In the same way if we have the 3G,the technology in india can be improved ……………..

  30. India needs 3G,DVB-H,GPS facilites in mobile phones. These facilites should be provided as soon as possible….

  31. neha singh says:

    thanx..d information provided is quiet trust worthy…

  32. India needs 3G,DVB-H,GPS facilites in mobile phones. These facilites should be provided as soon as possible….

    Now is it worth buying phones with 3G in INDIA. I can afford it, but i am not sure to buy it coz i can’t use 3G,DVB-H TV,GPS facilites…does anyone still recomend me to buy high end sets(like N97)…

    When will 3G,DVB-H,GPS facilites come to places like bangalore…

  33. 3g is very essential in our country so that it can complete in the field of communication…but am not sure wht will be the charges will be and i heard tht none off the telecome like airtel and vodaphone took licences for 3G stilll…………

  34. sure 3G roll out will take time but not as much we think to be, may be by may june we will get the facility. moreover the GPS facility also depends on the 3G network, yes it will cost us more then what we are paying now,but the facilities that we will avail will worth the payment,

  35. Parikshith.S.K says:

    as a country we have to be aware of the current technologies and in today’s world time is the main factor.If we can transmit and receive large amount of data at higher speeds then we r doing a nice job

  36. Akash gupta says:

    After reading in news paper that 3G has launched by BSNL Chennai, I just jumped on my chair, I am so excited know INDIA is going to be INDIA-ONLINE…. i don’t have words……..

  37. 3G will be commercially available in chennai from june 2009 onwards…the work for that is in progress…customers have to go for a new sim for that

  38. Shaiju Aboobacker says:

    Some other countries are gonna launch 4G. Some of them now already having 3.5G, 3.75G network. Yes India Growing ( Some times it feels shy – But I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN )

  39. Hi Friends,

    3G phone is best for our generations 4G also is using that is amazing thing I’m using 3G nokia mobile but i not got a good speed on pc
    it’s smartly indicate 460kbps but its give me
    2kbps or 3kbps is it possible

  40. Hi Nasim
    I think that its not the fault of your nokia phone coz when it indicates 460kbps it means that it is capable of giving 460kbps.Actually i think its all fault of your service provider that you are having a speed of 2kbps or 3kbps.

  41. Nitish Ranjan Srivastava says:

    I think that its not the fault of your nokia phone coz when it indicates 460kbps it means that it is capable of giving 460kbps.Actually i think its all fault of your service provider that you are having a speed of 2kbps or 3kbps.

  42. Nitish Ranjan Srivastava says:

    After reading in news paper that 3G has launched by BSNL Chennai, I just jumped on my chair, I am so excited know INDIA is going to be INDIA-ONLINE…. i don’t have words……..

  43. Puneet konwar says:

    Well,first of all 3G is a must in India,just because 40% of the population is poor doesn’t mean we can’t accept a change for good at a higher cost.Development comes in phases and we need to accept it.Considering the usage of cell phones in India 3G would be great plus voice telephony,download speeds,gaming,streaming and browsing would increase efficiency and would also impact the way we work i.e speed up our work to an extent.


  44. hi to all,
    my friends, if something is going to be good in your country,why u r opposing it. 3g will not only bring speed but also it improves financial condition of country, with initialization of 3g revenue of telecom companies will increase to a great extent, and telecom sector is a great contributor in india GDP. Think out of the box..
    this will also improves the image of india in the world. as now all major countries are providing 3g even some r giving 4g also, and india is still on 2g. something need to b change. this is the change india needs.

  45. if we talk about price, yes , it will be more costly, but in the starting stages. everything will cost u more in nascent stage. just think, ur mobile phone, which now cost Rs3000, after launch its cost was nearly 10000 rs. price decreases with time period. and u should know about product life cycle. take any example… think for ur country,think for urself.

    be positive


  46. I have heard that reliance,tata & MTS (Sistema shyam) will get direct licence of 3G and they need not to fall in auction…is is true ??? if yes than why they will get such liberty

  47. Desai divyesh says:

    I think 3g is gonna be rich people’s stuff for years. Though, competition has changed things in the markets almost everywhere, be it Lcd panel or a household solar power installtion, things are accepted by our people as they come. Please search for the “3G services rates” everything will be clear –Yaha sab chalta hai!

  48. Akash Modi says:

    3G being introduced in India at this stage is not going to improve our lives. Its just another reason for the service providors to mint extra money from us.

    Akash Modi


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