When will online journalists in India get free housing and awards?

The print and TV media in India are no doubt the hot favorites of the governments in India (Central/Federal & State) and the politicians. The government spends sizable amounts of money on the already cash rich newspapers. Most of us in the internet industry have waited to get a piece of that pie (however small is fine, we need a beginning). Few months ago DAVP invited internet portals to submit their credentials to be eligible for advertisements from Govt of India.

One of my favorite blogs, Churmuri, had published these interesting articles,

I read in Mint (Sept 16, 2011) about government giving free housing in Delhi to 60 journalists (print and TV). As usual it was a well written article. Mint is surely one of the newspapers with high integrity in India today.

Now the question is when will an online journalist ever get a house and/or award (with or without having to lobby for it)? Not in the immediate future, but with Google having to say internet usage will explode in India, will it improve our chances? Let us wait and see.

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