Airtel promotes a parked domain for GPRS service

Soon after I changed my mobile handset yesterday I got the following SMS from my mobile provider Airtel,

Your handset does not support gprs settings, please add as Access Name and leave the username and password blank in the browser settings menu. For further help, call 12118

Surprising nobody in Airtel has realized they are promoting a parked domain. Reasonably sure they owned at some point of time but forgot to renew. A cyber squatter must be hoping to retire. A screenshot of as of today is shown below

On a side note I think the 3G charges in India are still high. Airtel is unable to give me an estimate of my current 2G bandwidth usage as I am on an unlimited plan. Without having the current usage I am unable to estimate what my 3G usage would be. Why can’t Airtel help?

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