Mobile advertising not taking off, it is all about size

According to the recent article “Smartphone Ads and Their Drawbacks” the small size screens and non-availability of tracking tools has not made mobile advertising as attractive as its cousin desktop advertising.

  • Advertisers are willing to pay much more to reach a thousand pairs of eyes gazing upon a computer or tablet than a thousand pairs looking at a smartphone screen
  • Size absolutely does matter. Hmm..even on a mobile? Anyways, getting back to the topic, the real estate available on a mobile screen is depressing for advertising.
  • It’s not technically possible to use cookies with smartphone apps the way it is with a browser. So deep tracking reports come to a grinding halt.
  • CPM rates: $3-5 for desktop, $0.75 for mobile.
  • Users use mobile phones in short spans of time, so the amount of time they devote to notice and act on a banner is far less than a desktop.
  • However, location-based mobile advertising, known as geofencing looks promising.

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